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Computer music is peculiar in that there are two particular pieces of equipment that you need to get started: a computer and a DAW. There is, or course, a number of peripherals that are helpful and beneficial in making music, but the bare essential is a computer and a daw.

Today I’d like to talk a bit about how I started out.

The way I started out was by using what I had, and what I had was an Apple computer and Garageband. For a free piece of software, Garageband is amazingly full featured. What particularly endeared me to it is that it came with a whole lot of software instruments and loops, and importantly for me, I could use the computers keyboard as a controller for it to make sounds. It was excellent.

In fact, I ended up making an ep entirely using Garageband.

Here are some of the pro’s for Garageband:
Fully featured. It comes with everything you need to start putting out some tunes.
Free. If you buy a Mac
Simple to use. Garageband is so simple that it doesn’t scare you away with complications. It let’s you just get onto making music almost immediately.

Later, I moved onto using Ableton Live, which is what I use now. This choice is something that I have contemplated for a long time, and something I should probably reserve for another blog post.

So, to sum up,  here are the things that I learned right from the start:
Use the cheapest software you can get.
For me that was Garageband, as it came with my new computer, it was easy to use and it didn’t scare me away from making music on the computer.

Make sure your computer handle it.
No point in buying the latest and greatest if your computer can’t handle it.

Don’t get scared off if the software is difficult to master. The more time you put into it, the more you get out of it. I learned this particularly once I switched to Live. Any pro DAW will be a bitch to get around at first. Then, once you learn how to make sound, it will become a much more pleasant place!


Written by majorshake

April 11, 2011 at 12:26 pm

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