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How being told I suck helped my music

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There are a few types of comments you can receive on your music when you post it to a service like Soundcloud and ask people’s opinions.

Firstly, and most commonly people will say stuff along the lines of “thats great! good job”. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, I won’t deny that it feels pretty good to get comments like that. But they don’t help us much.

Secondly,  people will straight up tell us that the music sucks, and that it made them die a bit on the inside. Not a nice thing to hear about your music, and what only makes it worse is that you don’t get anything that can help you improve.

The third kind of comment you will get on your music is rather rare, and it can be the most difficult to accept. It is however that which will help you improve.
Thats the constructive comment. The commenter is going to tell you what sucks, and how they think you can improve it.
Sure, you don’t want to accept anyone else’s view of how your music should sound, but would you be reading this blog if you truly knew that you didn’t need help improving?

The constructive criticism is amazing, because it gives you a point of view on your music thats different to yours. If you want to make better music, you need to learn how to accept constructive criticism, because by distancing yourself from your music, you can learn more on how it can improve.

So next time you’re on a forum, and someone takes the time to write out how they think your song could be better, give it a listen, try a few of the things they suggest. Might just work.


Written by majorshake

April 18, 2011 at 4:59 am

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