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Reading your DAW’s manual

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Not reading the manual for my favourite DAW was one of the things that were holding me back the most at first when I switched to more serious software. I thought I could figure things out on my own and manage to master the intricacies of the software.


The manual for any DAW you might use, is the best and first resource you should use when starting out. It will explain to you how to get started quickly. It will show you where things are. It will explain what’s going on in a way that will help you make music faster and more efficiently. Remember, after all the DAW is just a tool.

The best way to think about it in my opinion is such. Imagine a builder, who doesn’t know what all of his tools do or how they work. When he tries to build a house, it’s probably not going to be very well built, or efficient, is it? Sure there are often a few ways to do the same thing, a few ways to build a house, and a few ways to get a specific sound. Some always better than others in my opinion. When you have ideas flying around in your head, you don’t want to be wondering how to create a new track, or how your DAW works. You just want to get things done.


Written by majorshake

April 22, 2011 at 12:59 am

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