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Where to find samples?

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Today it’s time for the second part of sampling week. Today I want to talk a bit about how to get samples.

Earlier this week I talked about what samples are, and going by that we all know that they can be snippets of songs and your own recordings. Today I’ll go a bit further into what I look for in samples to know whether they will be usable.

Depending on what I am working on, I prefer to get samples that don’t have any drums in them. I like sequencing my own drum sounds, and using the sampled sound for everything else in the song. For instance, I would take a simple piano melody on its own. In most cases, for me, I look at sounds that I know that I can’t recreate myself.

In the situations when I want to sample the drums myself, I will look for parts of the song that have nothing but the drums playing, so I look for the drum breaks. Many sample packs that you can get commercially will have those ready to go for you, but sampling your own is a lot more fun. Once you have one of those, slice every individual drum hit to a key on your midi keyboard or pad on your pad controller.

Ultimately though, almost anything can be sampled and used successfully. It entirely depends on what music you make, and what you want to achieve in the song musically. I generally will have a ready idea for a song and then find samples to suit, but some people will get the idea from samples.
Whats your take on this? Leave me a comment!


Written by majorshake

April 27, 2011 at 8:41 am

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