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3 tips for finding more time to make music

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I know I have promised to finish off my series about sampling, but it is that unfortunate time in the life of every university student, when assignments are due. Instead, have this here article about finding time to produce music, and the sampling series will be finished on Monday!

If you work, have a girlfriend/boyfriend, have a social life, study or generally are busy, at some stage you’ll find that everything else takes away from the time you wish you’d spend making music. Here are a few things I do that really help me make sure that I have at least a few hours a day to spend making music.

1. Get up earlier.

Yes. I know, my bed is warm and comfortable as well, and I love sleeping. In fact, I’m writing this post from my bed. Why not? But science shows us that we are at our most productive soon after we get out of bed.
Try to set your alarm for an hour or so earlier than normal. See if that works for youwill suck..

I understand that some people might simply not be able to get up earlier. Getting up at 4 when you normally would have to get up at 5 has got to suck.

2. Quit something else

It’s great to have a lot of interests. Ultimately though, you’ll need to prioritize. If any of those interests is something you’d like to do for a living, which I’m sure is how many of you feel about music, you’ll need to put it above other interests. So give up those square dancing classes, and get to making some new music!

3. Set time aside

This has been the most helpful for me. I organize my day, at least roughly, to know at what time I’m doing what. That way, I have time to study for my university course, be social and make music for a few hours a day. Plan everything in your day. That way you won’t waste time procrastinating. I put at least 2 hours of music time in my day, and treat it like I would a doctors appointment. It’s something I can’t move, and I’m very serious about not moving it ever. It works. Music is what I love and want to dedicate my life to, so I think its only fair I dedicate time to it.
What do you do to make time? Leave me a comment!


Written by majorshake

April 29, 2011 at 3:16 am

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