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Using keyboard shortcuts to speed up your production process

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Today, again, a rather short post, but there are good reasons for it. Firstly, I am planning some big changes for the blog, and as I am occupied with those, I haven’t had a chance to make a lot of music. Secondly, I had a 2500 word Imperial Roman History essay to write for uni, and I like to not fail my units.

The tip I have for you today my friends is to know your keyboard shortcuts. It is one thing that has really helped me out before I had my first midi controller, and it is something that still helps me a lot.

Your DAW’s manual should have a list of all of the keyboard shortcuts. Use it!

The most crucial shortcuts in my opinion are: creating/deleting tracks, duplicating tracks, starting/stopping playback and beginning to record.

What are your favourites? Leave me a comment!


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