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3 simple things that will help you get more fans

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Today I wanted to discuss some of the strategies that have worked for me to get people listening to my music. They work quite well and if you’re consistent with them they will help you get more people listening to your music. I’ve used all of those strategies myself and they really do work.

1. Listen to other artists music, and leave them comments.

This is great particularly on souncloud and on the forums (which I will talk about a bit later). If you take the effort to listen to someone else’s music, and take the time to leave them a comment more often than not they will reciprocate. The thing is though, to not leave a comment that just says “Cool tune man”. Take the time to tell them what you like about the song.
I also make a rule of not saying anything bad about someone else’s music unless specifically asked for critique. Always concentrate on the things that you like.

2. Make youtube videos

There are more than TWO BILLION video views on youtube every day. Many people go there looking for videos of people playing beats on their mpc’s (just search mpc beat and see how many results you get), or videos of people playing virtually any sort of music on any sort of equipment. With smart tagging, you get a huge chance that people will see your video and hear your music.

3. Join a forum

There are two forums I frequent first is the idm forum and then there is the Future Producers forum. Both are visited by tons of people who know A LOT about making music on your computer, and both have a dedicated section of the forum for people to post their music and get critique.
Not to mention that both forums are literally a goldmine of information, and reading both will make you better at making music.
Those three strategies might seem simple, but they really do work, and the better your music, the better they will work. People will eventually start seeing you as a talented producer and they will become your fans.

What do you do to get people listening to your music?


Written by majorshake

May 13, 2011 at 12:37 am

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