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5 hot tips that will help make your music even hotter!

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Today we’re going to talk about some easy things that will help you make your music better and help you make your music faster. Those might be common sense things to some, but more likely than not, you could do with a refresher.

1. Organize your sounds first

Often its tempting to just get straight into it and do sound design as you go along, which sometimes may be fine, however generally it’s better to do some planning beforehand. Get some sounds together. Find a nice kick, a nice snare, some pads. Whatever you think you’ll need.
This will help you clarify the idea in your head, and you’ll feel better organized and  won’t get to a stage where you’re so lost you want to quit.

2. Loops are not the devil

Often there seems to be an opinion among the music makers that using loops is bad. I don’t see it as such. Most of electronic music is loop based. It’s what you do with the loops that matters. If you’re using a pre-made loop from a sample pack or something like that, try to rearrange the sounds. Can you make it more exciting by passing it through some filters?
Loops can be a great way to kickstart your creativity, and speed up your production process.

3. Arrange carefully

Your arrangement is the most important thing people will hear. You might have a sweet build up and a sweet drop, but they are nothing if you don’t put them together properly. There are a number of ways to arrange your tracks. Personally I like to play it out using ableton and my apc20 to trigger clips, and then tweak it a little to make sure its perfect. How do you go about arranging your tracks?

4. Details details details

According to the Pareto Principle, 80% of the results come from 20% of the labour. That 80% is your arrangement just as it is. Now its time to push it to that 100% by checking all of your drum sounds aren’t too repetitive, that there are no boring parts in the track, that everything sounds perfect etc. Are your transitions smooth enough? No? Why not? These are all things you need to work out to make sure your track has that WOW factor.

5.  Listen to yourself.

It’s all in the ears. Ask any blues man. When you think you’re done, leave the track alone for a few days, work on something else, then listen to it again. By disassociating yourself with your new song, you are able to look at it more critically, and therefore you can see it from a different perspective. If you hear anything over and over again, it’s going to start sounding right. So give your ears a little break, and then listen to what you’ve done.

Hope this helps!
Major Shake


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