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3 reasons why your mailing list is your best friend

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Today I’m going to talk a little about building a solid fanbase, and the most important tool to doing so. That tool of course is your mailing list. Below you’ll find three solid arguments for why you should be organizing it right now, if you haven’t got one already.

Also, while I have your attention. As of today, each Monday I will be talking about the music business. Furthermore, I really really appreciate your feedback on anything I write here, because it helps clarify my thoughts and the discussion is beneficial to all of us. So if you have anything to say about any of what I write, leave me a comment!

1. It allows you to stay in touch with your fans. Not just making a small difference, but a huge impact on your relationship with them. People avoid giving their emails out whenever they can. Their email is your private access to them. You get to personally let them know of any new music and upcoming events you have. It helps you build true fans.

2. It will promote the hell out of your new release. If you post your music at every sharing site possible, you might get maybe 300 people to listen to it. A little more if you’re lucky. Now, that might be true for every song you ever post online. 10 songs = 3000 people listening to your music. Every 10th likes your music so much, they’ll download it and sign up to your mailing list. Now lets say, you have an ep coming out. You post if on all of those music sites again, and 300 people listen to it. But what’s that? You have 300 people on your mailing list! Suddenly twice as many people are listening to it. It makes a bigger impact everywhere you publish it and it gets shared around more.
Every time you have a new release like that, more people will listen and more will sign up to your mailing list to listen in the future.

3. It helps spread your music. I don’t mean by simply earning you more fans, but that will happen as well. Labels these days are swarmed with demo cd’s from hundreds of artists. Hundreds of bedroom and garage musicians wanting to be heard, get signed and get famous. Who do you think has a better chance to be noticed, a guy who has 1000 people on his mailing list and is really building a fanbase, or a guy who has a cd but no presence to speak of?


Written by majorshake

May 30, 2011 at 7:22 pm

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