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News: FaderFox announce the LV3 Ableton Live controller

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Fader Fox have announced the LV3, their new Ableton Live controller. To quote their website: “The device controls track volumes by faders, rack parameters by encoders and joysticks and important global things like tempo, quantization & cue/master-volumes. Further you get a total track control by 24 programmable buttons, organized in 3 rows.”

Looks pretty cool I’d say. The size suggests to me that it’s aimed more at the DJ market than anything else, but I could see a use for it myself, and I’m by no means a DJ.

Here are the features of this baby:

-Special controller for Ableton Live (also suitable for other DAW software)
– Automap setup files for Live 8 are shipped with the controller (no manual mapping necessary)
– USB interface – class compliant / no driver necessary
– Controls 8 tracks with possibility to shift the 8-track-window to further tracks
– 24 programmable buttons for all track functions
– About 280 commands – all freely reassignable (each track sends on separate midi channel)
– Select and start/stop of scenes/clips with dedicated encoder (clip-scroll in session view)
– 4 mulifunctional push-encoders to control rack parameters in the selected track
– 2 non-centered joysticks to control rack parameters in the selected track or in send tracks
– Global control of several global parameters like tempo, quantization and master / cue volumes
– All controls with double function by holding down the shift button
– 33 LED’s in different colors to display various informations like clip states etc.
– 2-digit-display to show current scene number and track window
– USB bus powering – consumption less than 500mW / 100mA
– Very compact design in a black, plastic casing (desktop format 180x105x70 mm, 350 g)
– High-quality faders and encoders from ALPS
– New rubber knobs for best tactile feeling



Written by majorshake

June 3, 2011 at 9:53 am

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