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Sending demo tapes to labels is futile

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Today I want to be perhaps a little controversial. I want you to stop sending out your music to labels. It’s simply a waste of time.

Think of it this way, any label that you can find, was probably also found by a few hundred other producers. They all sent them demos. In this sea of music, some probably good, most probably crap, your music will get lost.
The labels are simply full.

Next, think of the financial situation most labels (especially the major ones) have found themselves in. Because of sticking to an outdated business model, they stopped making money. Being greedy bastards (again, I generalize), they don’t care about your music, no matter how sweet it is. It would require promotion and promotion costs money. It’s cheaper and more profitable to release another album by some skanky blonde chick singing about sucking dick.
The labels are greedy.

Lastly, consider the following scenario. You contact a label and give them your demo. They don’t give a toss.
Not that great, is it? Seems a bit like a waste of time and effort.

Now consider a different scenario. You work hard on your music. You give everything you have into promoting it yourself, and manage to get 1000 fans on your mailing list. Now you’re starting to get some momentum and a label contacts you.
Seems a lot better, no?

Today, with the amount of resources at your disposal the label is absolutely unnecessary to you. Everything that they can do for you, you can do yourself with a little bit of effort. The important thing is to put in the hard work, because label or no label, nobody will care unless you work hard at your craft. Once you have done the hard work, you’ll find yourself beating labels away with a stick. 


Written by majorshake

June 6, 2011 at 5:37 pm

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