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Review: Sugar Bytes Turnado

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When I first read news of the Turnado I got excited. I enjoy any form of sound mangling, and the Turnado promised to deliver the goods. The good folks from Sugar Bytes were kind enough to give me a copy to review, and today I’d like to share my experience with this plugin and tell you a little more about its features.

The basic interface is beyond simple. On one side you have a list of the effects available, and on the other you have 8 knobs between which you’ll see 8 empty squares. You can drag and drop the effects into the boxes and control them using those knobs. It couldn’t possibly be simpler.

As mentioned in the press release, touching any of the knobs slightly will lead to one effect, and then as you turn it further, 2 LFO’s and an envelope filter kick in. Those are all controlled by the one knob. Thus turning the knob all the way to the end will result in ULTIMATE SOUND DESTRUCTION.

Due to its simple drag and drop set-up, and the knob controlled interface, the Turnado is mainly intended for those of us performing our music live. A few of the more subtle effects, like the Vinylizer or Guitar Amp can perhaps be set to one thing and just left on a track, however the rest, particularly the loopers delays and reverbs, strongly benefit from the ability to manipulate them on the fly.

The effects themselves sound great. I must have spent hours tweaking them and the amount of sounds you can get is incredible. I thought particularly that the idea of being able to control all 8 knobs using one fader in “Dictator” mode was a lot of fun.

Overall, I thought the Turnado is a fantastic plugin for live performing producers and computer djs, and I highly recommend anyone interested in some hardcore sound destruction to check it out.


Written by majorshake

June 7, 2011 at 7:49 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Great review and very informative, Your review is straight to the point and the information is on point.Keep up the work.
    Nice blog


    June 8, 2011 at 6:48 am

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