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If you would like to submit some music to the podcast read the rules below:

1. All music submitted must be your own music and no more than 2 tracks per submission. If you submit more, I’ll only listen to the first two. No more than 1 submission per artist for each podcast.
2. All submissions should be sent to welcomesoundblog@gmail.com
3. Please only send me links to songs on Soundcloud. I prefer that because of its clear interface and decent sound quality. Emails with attachments will be deleted without having been read.
4. Please don’t email me more than once, I will try to get back to everyone as fast as I possibly can.  If I don’t think your music fits what I have in mind for the podcast, I’m still going to leave you some comments on your music.
5. Please make your submissions downloadable freely by anyone. I want to promote your music, but I can’t do so if you don’t want to give away even one of your songs.
6. Please only submit if you are not signed to any label, have not had professional releases etc. I want to promote independent artists as much as possible.
7. Any genre of electronic music is acceptable
8.  I will be mixing the songs together and the podcast will be available for free download. All of the artists will be credited, and as much as possible links to your websites will also be attached.
9. For submissions, it doesn’t matter as much what format your tracks are in, if you are accepted, I will ask for a 320kbps mp3.
10. To make sure you’ve read all this, I would like you to include Aphex Twins real name in your email.
11. Don’t worry if you’re not accepted. You can keep sending tracks!


How to get brownie points?

Don’t just send links! Write something about yourself. Tell me what you want to achieve with your music, what your story is. I like knowing more about artists I listen to!

If you’re accepted tell everyone you know about the podcast! The more the merrier! If everyone who is on the podcast would do that, every single one of the artists benefits tenfold. So don’t be shy about plugging this to everyone!


Written by majorshake

June 20, 2011 at 7:02 pm

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