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The importance and fine art of tagging your music

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Hello friends.

Today we will speak a little about promoting your music within the sites that its already posted on. Namely: Tagging.
Without adding the appropriate tags to your songs on soundcamp, bandcamp, youtube or wherever else, nobody will find your music. That’s not even a statistic. Its a fact.

Your goal naturally, as is mine, is to have as many people as possible listening and talking about your music, so tagging is vital. Use a combination of tag words and tag phrases that are descriptive of your music. Other than the obvious choices such as the genre of the song and a few descriptors such as “Chillaxed” or “Space cock”, consider adding the name of the software you made it in (particularly useful on youtube) or the names of a few of your favourite artists that sound similar. Even if not very similar, fans of those artists will see your songs and with a little luck give them the time of day required for you to convince them you’re the greatest producer since Aphex Twin.

What are your techniques when it comes to tagging your music on music sites? What have you had most success with?
Let me know in the comments!


Written by majorshake

June 20, 2011 at 6:40 pm

Dominate the music industry one niche at a time

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Today I want to talk a little about an approach to music that I’ve read about somewhere a long time ago, and its just stayed in my head since. I can’t remember exactly where I read about this, so I apologize for not referencing.

The idea is simple in our heads, isn’t it? Make music, sell records, make a living.
The idea of how to get there, probably isn’t as simple anymore. For good reason, nobody will actually give you a list of things you need to do in order to make it in the industry. So the guess work begins.

I like to think, that the most important thing, is to be really good. Like, so good that nobody can ignore you even if they wanted to. So good that people will want to tell other people about it.
The second thing, and that is the one I will talk about today, is breaking the plan down into steps that you can achieve.
I’m sure we all have our own outlets where we post up our music. I use soundcloud, youtube and I go on a few forums. I want to dominate those few outlets before I can move on. The IDMforums run a netlabel. In the future I would like them to release some of my music. I want to have a certain amount of Souncloud followers and Youtube subscribers.

The reason for me aiming reasonably low in the spectrum (considering I could say, be going for selling millions of albums) is that I can’t possibly expect to make it huge, if I can’t even shine among the thousands of people on youtube and soundcloud and the forums doing the same thing. Once I achieve the goals I set myself now, I’ll set other ones, more powerful ones. The point is, they will be solid signs that I am getting somewhere.

By dominating at a niche site like Soundcloud I can show to myself and to others that I have what it takes.

Where do you promote your music, and how much success have you had with dominating your niche? Let me know in the comments!

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June 13, 2011 at 2:57 pm

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3 simple things that will help you get more fans

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Today I wanted to discuss some of the strategies that have worked for me to get people listening to my music. They work quite well and if you’re consistent with them they will help you get more people listening to your music. I’ve used all of those strategies myself and they really do work.

1. Listen to other artists music, and leave them comments.

This is great particularly on souncloud and on the forums (which I will talk about a bit later). If you take the effort to listen to someone else’s music, and take the time to leave them a comment more often than not they will¬†reciprocate. The thing is though, to not leave a comment that just says “Cool tune man”. Take the time to tell them what you like about the song.
I also make a rule of not saying anything bad about someone else’s music unless specifically asked for critique. Always concentrate on the things that you like.

2. Make youtube videos

There are more than TWO BILLION video views on youtube every day. Many people go there looking for videos of people playing beats on their mpc’s (just search mpc beat and see how many results you get), or videos of people playing virtually any sort of music on any sort of equipment. With smart tagging, you get a huge chance that people will see your video and hear your music.

3. Join a forum

There are two forums I frequent first is the idm forum and then there is the Future Producers forum. Both are visited by tons of people who know A LOT about making music on your computer, and both have a dedicated section of the forum for people to post their music and get critique.
Not to mention that both forums are literally a goldmine of information, and reading both will make you better at making music.
Those three strategies might seem simple, but they really do work, and the better your music, the better they will work. People will eventually start seeing you as a talented producer and they will become your fans.

What do you do to get people listening to your music?

Written by majorshake

May 13, 2011 at 12:37 am